How to become a Software Engineer

How to become a Software Engineer. Chapter 0

So, I hear that you want to learn how to become a software engineer.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to learn how to program, or maybe you haven’t. It doesn’t matter, because we’re starting from zero here.

We will do things differently. You see, there are two main ways people learn this craft. They either go learn it the traditional way, through school, or they learn it by a practical approach in an online course.

Both ways have their pros and cons.


Learning it in school gives you a long time to master the theory, but doesn’t give you enough practical experience.

In my opinion, it also teaches you a bit too much theory that you end up forgetting after the exam. It’s still an excellent way to learn the craft, but you might not have the time to spend 3 to 4 years in school.

Online Course

Learning it in an online programming course usually teaches you a programming language in depth. However, you usually come out of it asking yourself: Now what do I do with this knowledge?

What these online courses lack is some crucial theory presented in an easily digestible format.

This Course

What we will do in this course is just that. You will learn only the theory that is crucial. You will come out of it knowing more than just a single programming language. However, I won’t be teaching you how to program in a particular language.

Instead, I will teach you what all programming languages have in common. That way, you can pick up almost any programming language because you have a strong foundation. Granted, I might use examples in Python and C++, but that’s just because those are the programming languages I’m most familiar with.

You will also learn how to:

  1. Think like a software engineer
  2. Fit pieces together in a large project
  3. Unstuck yourself when you can’t seem to find solutions
  4. Get a job in software development

… and so much more!

A few chapters in, you will start to understand why learning to create software is a very personal journey, one which you have to create your own curriculum. You will learn that too. This is why there will be a lot of exploration that you will need to do outside of what I teach you here.

Hold on tight, because this will be a long journey, but you will learn so much and develop an appreciation and understanding for the craft.

Let’s start!

Next: Chapter 1 – What is the purpose of programming?

By Radu

Software Engineer and Computational Scientist graduated from the Technical University of Munich. Worked at Shopify, DRW and Ubisoft.

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