• What are data structures?
    We will learn about the 2 most used data structures: arrays and maps. These are used in almost every single code you will ever write.
  • What data types are there?
    Let’s see which data types are present in every programming language. These are going to be the most common ones you’ll use.
  • How to run your first program
    We look at how to configure our environment and run our first program. We explore Python and C++ to get a feel of both.
  • How to actually learn programming?
    We discuss how to actually learn programming. Most people approach programming in the wrong way. Let me show you the best way to learn.
  • What is the difference between a compiler and interpreter?
    What is the difference between a compiler and an interpreter? Also, why do we even need them? Let’s look into both and see what they do.
  • Which programming language should I learn?
    Which programming language should I learn? We’ll explore popular dynamically and statically typed languages to see what they’re used for.
  • What is code?
    Let’s look at what makes up code, and why libraries are our best friends when programming.
  • What’s inside of my computer?
    Let’s look at the most basic, but crucial, components inside your computer!
  • What is the purpose of programming?
    Let’s look at what the essence of computers is, and why we need programming.
  • How to become a Software Engineer
    Welcome to the beginning of your journey to becoming a software engineer! Let’s look at what you can expect.
  • Posts on Medium
    In 2017 and 2018, I wrote a few posts on Medium. Combined, my posts accumulated around half a million of views! You can find them here.

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